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    Affiliation: Love Systems
    Website: http://www.bradbranson.com

    Brad Branson has been teaching the art of dating with Real Social Dynamics for three years and running, though this is just one piece of the pie in his list of accomplishments. Over the years he has helped men in 35 countries and spanned four continents to bring the very best principles to their dating lives, in order to bring out the very best within them. When it comes to changing your romantic experiences, Brad does not simply offer dating advice, he coaches his students towards lifestyle development, which is self described as “personal development on steroids”.

    Brad got his start in the Pick Up industry when studying with the masters at RSD and winging with them to learn the trade and amp up his game. He went infield as soon as possible and within a very short time of his arrival at RSD was covering Miami, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, until he took his game to the international stage. In less than a year he was bootcamp student turned instructor and he attributes his success to his work ethic and his constant desire to learn more. He realizes as much as anybody that his own development is one in progress and he brings that candour and natural approach to the table when working with his own students.

    Listed among his heroes and mentors are a long line of world renowned inspirational favorites, including the likes of Tony Robbins and Esther and Jerry Hicks. His work has become so well known in the field he has also been featured on CNN. Brad’s signature strategy is not to simply change your dating one liners, but to change your life and take it up not just one notch, but as many notches s you can. He is as dedicated to his students today and tomorrow as any RSD coach can be, and he functions solely to help others create their own ultimate life in the same way that he has. His long list of publications and accomplishments can be found on his website, including his Bootcamp master monthly program among others.

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    You can listen to conversations with him on “how to develop rock solid game”

    Brad on How To Get a Hotter Girlfriend

    He also believes in the importance in keeping in touch with his students from both yesterday and today, and maintains an active online social presence at Facebook and on Twitter @BradRSD.

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