• Boundary Function

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The way an artist manages people’s behavior in relation to what is acceptable to him and what is not.

    Full Definition:

    A term developed by Mr. M, Boundary Function is a PUA’s way of exerting social pressure in some situations and being accepting of others in other situations. For example, Mr. M would respond to a woman’s racist comment in the following manner: “Excuse me, I don’t know where you’re from, but where I am from people have much more manners than those you just exhibited.” Mr. M explains that this is a way of putting social pressure on the other person by defining your boundaries.

    To wings or others guys that may be acting un-cool, one could say, “excuse me, but that was not okay with me, I do not consider that a friendly conversational piece.” This puts a certain level of pressure on the guy and forces him to respond, thereby revealing his real value relative to yours. In some instances, these tactics can lead to fights, so be sure to know when to use it. In any case, an awareness of your own boundaries is a very good thing, and it is up to the artist to determine when to exert his dominance over what he is comfortable with in a social situation.


    A man who is successful usually has a strong boundary function about what he is willing to put up with and what he is not.

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    Source: Mr. M (Of Love Systems)

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