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    James Spader has been an inspiration to many during the years, and his character of Allen Shore in “The Practice” and “Boston Legal” is no exception. Quotes one viewer: “James Spader. What can I say about James Spader? He is a great and talented actor, I love how he portrays his character on this show and he is very, very hot. He’s got a voice that whenever he talks low and so deep I can feel tingling in the back of my neck, Oooh…anyway, I love this show and James Spader rocks (Me)“. His character puts into light the various dilemmas and issues of morality and society in David E. Kelly’s shows.

    In a larger context, he is the personification of the attractive lawyer, who fights for what’s right and is not morally bound by the rules to get what his client wants. Love him or hate him, he is extremely good at what he does. What what he does is extremely sexy.

    Allen Shore in The Practice:

    Allen Shore on Boston Legal:

    Even in parody, his character is still attractive:

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities:Mastery of language – the spoken word and the body
    Common Clothing Items:Suit, tie, cigars and scotch
    Favorite BrandsExpensive stuff
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Elite-ness, Dominance, Intellectual Strength, Wealth, Competitive Spirit
    What Women Think:
    • Intelligence is sexy
    • He must be important and rich
    • He says the same word with so much more emotion
    Natural HabitatCourtroom, Financial Districts, Supreme Court, Law Offices of Crane, Pool & Schmidt

    Famous Examples

    Denny Crane, Allen Shore (fictitious), any good lawyer

    Natural Counterparts

    Legal secretaries, law students, secretaries and clerks in law offices


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