Body language is MOST of the game

author:          “Badboy”
date:             Tue 19 Jan 2002 21:56 GMT
website: old forum
subject:       Body language is MOST of the game  …Most important: Make friends with guys who are good with women, and go watch them in action! This is they key! I recommend that you find …

Context: Badboy was an advocate of direct, intense game. His focus was on strong subcommunication and body language

This is a hard one, because describing non-verbal behavior with words is like trying to describe how to play a song.

It’s SOOOOO much easier just to watch and learn.

Anyway, most of your communication is not the words you use, or even the tone. It’s your ‘body language.’ If you get your body language together, the rest becomes secondary.

Yes, I’m saying that the guys who have mastered the body language aspect need very little more to be successful.

Here are some of the things that I’ve done:

1) Watch some James Bond.
2) Eliminate nervous ticks and gestures, automatic reactions, and emotional triggers.
3) Move more slowly and confidently. Turn head slower, blink slower, etc.
4) Improve posture. Pretend you’re Super Man (A Tony Robbins Original)
5) Watch Gone With the Wind, Streetcar Named Desire, Top Gun

***Most important: Make friends with guys who are good with women, and go watch them in action! This is they key! I recommend that you find at LEAST 5 local guys and make friends with them, then go out with them on a regular basis. Don’t get in their way, don’t say anything while they’re working, don’t be a dumb ass, just watch. And buy them dinner every time (but no kissing).

I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn how to BEHAVE in a more attractive way. Women are somewhere around TEN TIMES as sensitive to subtle body language clues as men are. Most guys have NO IDEA what they are communicating to women with their appearance, dress, gestures, etc.

I’m telling you, body language is MOST of the game. You can know every great line in the book, but if you don’t have the body language down, it can fail every time.

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