Body Language (BL)

Quick Definition: The non-verbal communication a person’s body conveys to others. It is the physical manifestation of the artist’s internal state.

Full Definition:

Broadly speaking, Body Language involves any type of communication that a person conveys non-verbally: from his posture and the way he walks, to his facial expressions and eye contact.

Body Language is one of the most important things that a pickup artist needs to master, because it is one of the first things that other people notice about him. Studies have shown that the majority of communication between people is non-verbal, meaning even the most clever opener or routine may fail miserably if the Body Language is poor.

Body Language is usually an unconscious process, but it is something that can be consciously improved with practice. Although Body Language is often an expression of what one is feeling on the inside, the opposite is also true—for example, smiling can actually make one feel more happy, and walking confidently can make one feel more confident.

In pickup, some common advice for Body Language is to keep your back straight, with your shoulders rolled back and down; sitting with your legs spread open; and smiling. The general idea with Body Language is to take up a lot of space and appear strong, while simultaneously appearing comfortable and relaxed.

Learning to read other people’s Body Language is also an important skill for aspiring PUAs to master. Reading others Body Language can give you a clear picture of the social environment. It also makes you aware of AIs and IOIs from girls, which can lead to warmer approaches than doing a cold approach on someone with closed off BL.

Ultimately, the goal should be for the PUA to master his inner game so that his Body Language automatically communicates positive DHVs, without uttering a word.


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