Bobby Rio

Real Name: Unknown
Affiliation: Make Small Talk Sexy, TSB Magazine

Bobby Rio is a worldwide traveler and teacher of all things necessary to excel in the nature of the pickup.  Although he prefers locales south of the equator, his aim is to reach every corner of the world to ensure that every man has the tools necessary to fend for himself in a complex society of social dynamics.  He has authored or contributed to an impressive list of over ten publications, and is one of the founders of TSB Magazine, a magazine that specializes in the art of dating and how to’s with the feminine world.  TSB Mag focuses not just on helping today’s man talk to women, but how to use those skills in getting them to like you too.

Bobby Rio lives the lifestyle that most men only dare to dream about, exotic vacations, exotic women, and exotic experiences in the art of seduction.  But there’s more to Bobby than meets the eye. He is a self described human rights activist, spiritual master, and journey man who cleverly utilizes his collective experiences to teach men how to do it well, and how to do it right.  When you work with Bobby Rio, whether that’s through his highly ranked TSB Magazine, any of his extensive publications, or one on one, you work with a true artist that will teach you how to not just dream about the lifestyle, but to live it to its fullest extent.

To some men, getting the girl seems impossible.  To Bobby Rio, it takes the art of conversation and laid back dialogue to help you make that first difficult step, and this is where his trademark strengths lie. If you can’t talk to the girl, you aren’t going anywhere with her, and Bobby takes the sting out of those anxiety ridden experiences from your first text to a successful close.

What men learn from Bobby is how to flirt with women and how to turn flirting into a conversation you once only dreamed about, what the best countries are to meet women, and how to finance your new unrestricted lifestyle.

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