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    Quick Definition: The ideal characteristics that a woman desires in a man. (Also the name of a product developed by RSD.)

    Full Definition:

    A Blueprint is the template for the ideal guy that a woman has in her mind. This can include things such as physical looks, style, personality, and career choice. Whatever these characteristics are, if a man fits into a woman’s Blueprint, she will feel uncontrollable attraction for him.

    Blueprint of a Man

    Blueprint of a Man

    Falling into a woman’s Blueprint is a rare occurrence, but something that will happen occasionally if a PUA goes out enough and meets enough women. If a PUA does fall into a girl’s Blueprint, it is his game to lose at that point. He just needs to focus on maintaining attraction, handling logistics, and not f***ing things up.

    A PUA can tell if he fits a woman’s Blueprint if she is giving him strong IOIs and SOIs, even before he has run any game. These signs can also just mean that a woman is very desperate (and horny), that the woman is promiscuous, or that the woman is throwing out fake IOIs in order to manipulate the PUA. So you should use your best judgment, and not take the girl for granted.

    The best way for a PUA to improve his chances of fitting into a girl’s Blueprint is to be the best man that he can possibly be. He can improve his chances by doing such things as improving his style, grooming, controlling body language, and going out and meeting as many women as possible. While it is impossible to know all the desirable characteristics that are in a woman’s Blueprint, a PUA is best served by developing his attractive qualities and eliminating traits that are unattractive to women.


    I totally fit into her blueprint– I barely ran any game, and she was all over me!

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