• Blueprint Sequencing Awareness

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An awareness of the different “archetypes” that the target finds most complimentary to his or her attraction circuitry.

    Full Definition:

    Certain types of people are attracted to certain types of archetypes—the varsity sports jock and the cheerleader, the goth girl and the punk rock band member, the inner hippie girl and Kumar from Harold and Kumar.

    Understanding the Blueprint Sequence of a particular type of guy or girl is essential in crafting a strategy. Better yet, you should create an ongoing, congruent personality that includes the innately attractive qualities for your target audience. For example, a PUA from the San Francisco lair who likes Japanese girls has taken on the identity of the foreign traveler. He visited Japan for a study program, learns Japanese, and hangouts in Japan town. A PUA who likes high energy, party blonde girls will likely have to adapt to the identity of a rocker, or at least a socially cool guy with an edge. This is because these girls are being hit on by high energy party guys all the time; to stand out from the crowd, the congruence of the rocker guy must be authentic.

    Interestingly, Blueprint Sequencing is somewhat related to genetics and upbringing. It is scientifically proven that we find scents from those with different genetic variation more pleasant than those that closely resemble us. Prince Harry resembles Prince Charming, the main protagonist of every little girl’s bedtime story book. Prince Charming happens to be blonde and blue eyed. The Europeanized look has some influence over the perception of beauty for artists of different ethnicities, for both sexes.

    Blueprint Sequencing is not black and white. Just because a jock is a jock doesn’t mean that the cheerleader will find him attractive. There is a strong sub-trend of going against the “commercially and politically correct” viewpoints. However, the mainstream mentality remains. It is important to be aware of Blueprint Sequencing, but not be driven primarily by it to move in a certain direction if it is incongruent with an artist’s core self.


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