• Blossom Period

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: AKA “Your Prime”. A period in a person’s life that is accompanied by rapid evolution and growth, whether physically, mentally or spiritually, although usually it is accompanied by all 3.

    Full Definition:

    In the modeling industry the blossoming period if when model starts developing her own walk, style, and starts emulate interesting personalities through her looks. She is becoming a force of her own. In the PUA world, this also relates to guys who have jump-started or are on a fast track in their game development.

    Much like a flower that blossoms during springtime, the blossom period has a beginning, and an end. A person can have more than 1 blossoming period in their lifetime, but constant  blossoming does not happen because the process is cyclical. In order for someone to blossom, there needs to be a summertime and wintertime in their cycle.


    PUAs who have climbed one mountain must now come down and start another journey, knowing the view from the previous mountain top. In doing so, he/she is beginning to learn a new way of looking at the world. Each step is accompanied by trials as well as growth.

    In self development, blossoming period is accompanied by the following:

    1. More self knowledge, deeper insight into life’s meaning
    2. A change in the person’s physical stature, body language, and personal style that reflects his new change
    3. A change in their interactions with other people. They seem to decide how to react in certain situations rather than the pre-programmed reactions of the past
    4. More social interactions with new people in their path
    5. Self acceptance is stronger, yet knowing that change is constant
    6. As ease about the way that persons is walking their journey (this is what I’m supposed to do!)

    Usage: You’re going through your blossom period right now!

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