Blind Spot

AKA Scotoma

Quick Definition: Anything a PUA does that is harmful to his game, but that he is not consciously aware of.

Full Definition:

Sometimes in the journey to become an mPUA, the best advice is also the toughest to hear. This happens when Blind Spots are exposed and the PUA is forced to either acknowledge the new information or go into denial. A Blind Spot can be dangerous because the PUA is not consciously aware of it. It could be a creepy smile or a nervous shake of the foot that is very noticeable to others, but not the PUA.

It is very important to develop a willingness to set one’s ego aside, be open to criticism, and confront one’s BlindSpots. Having wings and friends who are unafraid to point out one’s BlindSpots is also very helpful. The key thing to remember is that, on the path to mastery, you must keep a beginner’s mindset and always be open to learning new lessons.


Pecking was a total blind spot of mine until a wing pointed it out to me.

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