Bikers come in all forms and sizes, as well as different in sub groups. There are the legal and illegal biker groups that border on being “criminal gangs”.  There are the Harley riders, AKA “fags” as depicted on South Park and there are many independent biker groups with their own rules, fees, regulations and moral codes. The “biker” avatar we discuss here simply refers to a cool stylish guy who also rides his bike. He rides because he has a sense of freedom and independence about him that makes him a sexual avatar.

Avatar Profile

timberwolf dog food
Unique Style Qualities: Casual hardcore style, tattoos, overall living life on the edge mentality and vibe
Common Clothing Items: Helmets, Tattoos, Leather Jackets, Boots, Jeans, Piercings
Favorite Brands Harley Davidson, Hard Rocker Styles, Alternative brands
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Freedom, Lifestyle, Adventure, Breaking the Rules, Badboy vibe, independence, Congruence, Identity
What Women Think:
  • He must have a strong personality
  • He looks strong, he can probably protect me
  • I would really love to go on an adventure. My life is so boring!
Natural Habitat Race tracks, biker bars, open fields or urban locations, biker groups (sometimes requires membership), auto-shows and bike shows

Famous Examples

Carey Heart
Carey Heart


The stereotype of the biker differs depending on who you talk to. On one hand, you have the hardcore bikers for life, who are often overweight, loud and old. Then there are the sports bikers who are professionals. Then there are independent bike owners, who are cool guys overall and happen to ride a bike once in a while. Whatever your case may be, owning and maintaining a bike, as well as possessing the skill and courage to ride it triggers many attraction switches. The biker's style also goes along with the adventurous vibe and nature of the avatar.

Natural Counterparts

Biker Girls
Hardcore Biker Girls
Debra Lafave
Good Model Girls (who crave adventure)



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