Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation Review

Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation (DVD Home Study Course) provides information on how to improve your body language so you can better approach and attract women. Body language cover the 93% of communication you may not even be conscious of, which may be affecting your game negativelytn_1209_beyondwords_1276238214

(Format: DVDs)


Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation is a four DVDs set (five if you include the Bonus CD) designed to help you improve your body language for the purpose of attracting and seducing women as a beginner. Beware learning body language skills may give you results in other areas of your life too.

The DVDs come from the last few years of the Beyond Words seminars.  While the DVDs include a full recording of the actual seminar, the Home Study Course also includes a lot of powerful additional material and techniques that could never have fit into a one-day seminar. The seminar is no longer offered so this is the only place to get this training.

There are bonus items included – Keychain’s Lesson On Rapid Physical Escalation DVD, Keychain’s Lesson On Day Game DVD, “Getting Your Mind Right” With Vercetti On Inner Game And Beliefs DVD, Cajun’s Online Game DVD, “Things You Can Do Tonight” With Vercetti’s Quick-Starter Handbook Ebook, Body Language Revealed: Q & A With The Masters (Interview Featuring Savoy and Cajun) MP3, and Inner Sanctum Master-Class Private DVD Recording.

DVD 1 is Understanding Body Language Body language where Vercetti lays the foundations for the entire course. Body Language is 93% of your communication and if you don’t know what you are putting out there you could be 93% off. Vercetti gives you the perfect exercises to gain control of your body language.  There are ancient African monk techniques, concepts used by actors and dancers and true Apha male techniques.

DVD 2 is Advanced Body Language where Vercetti continues to develop your understanding and ability to use body language but with an emphasis on advanced body language for seduction like using eye contact, voice, tonality, movement and touch.  He covers using only eye contact to connect with her different sides of the brain, using voice only to release tension and increase the power of your words, using your whole body to communicate on a sexual level – while fully clothed.

DVD 3 is Physical Escalation where author 5.0 shows practical steps you can use to go from “zero to sex” in the shortest time possible.  There are must-haves for a smooth SAME-NIGHT lay,  how to switch from “friendly” to “sexual” without getting rejected, and how to show sexual dominance by touching a little-known erogenous zone.

DVD 4 is Sexual Presence, Subtext And Mystique where Cajun, one of the ten best pick-up artists in the world, shows the exact qualities, movements and nuances used by rock star, celebrities, and even sexual icons of the past. He shows Intrigue, Attract And Close method, how to change the subtext you are communicating (from “I’m trying to pick you up, I really hope you like me” to “I dare you to reject me”), and sexual “special powers” that make her think you’re a legendary lover without saying a word.

The price point is a bit hefty at just under $500. However, the material is good. There aren’t many torrents out there either with this type of material. If you suffer from non-verbals or bad body language, this series may help. The DVD includes over 5 hours of lessons, and if it wasn’t for the price we would have given it a higher rating.