Beta Male

Quick Definition: A subordinate or inferior in a social hierarchy

Full Definition:

Beta Male is a term that comes from social biology and ethnology. In animal hierarchies, there is often an alpha male who is the de facto leader of the group; he has first pick when it comes to food and mates. The Beta Male is usually second in line and will sometimes assume the role of alpha if the current alpha dies.

In the seduction community, the term holds a more negative meaning. It is often used synonymously with AFC or even “loser.” In some circles of the seduction community, a Beta is someone who lacks confidence and social dominance. He is generally not attractive to women. Betas are seen as the provider types, the average Joe who has a decent job and who some girl might eventually want to marry—but only after they’ve had their fun sleeping around with more attractive alphas.

Being Beta is generally seen as something to be avoided in favor of the alpha ideal. The term is used as a noun (“George is such a beta!”), an adjective (“Try not to act so beta around girls”), and even as a verb (“I was completely betaized after my last relationship”).

I was speaking to an HB9 last night, and I started getting a little beta, but then I caught myself.

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