Bespoke refers to clothing which is completely custom-made for an individual. Bespoke clothing can include any item of men’s apparel from shirts and pants, to jackets and other garments, but is most often used to refer to bespoke suits, which are suits which are completely custom made.

Bespoke Suit Armani
Bespoke Suit from Armani

Bespoke clothing is the ultimate in good fit, since the clothing is made specifically for you. However, unsurprisingly, bespoke clothing items also cost a lot more than ready-to-wear or off-the-rack clothing which is mass produced.

Bespoke clothing is similar to made-to-measure clothes, which are customized clothing items based on a standard pattern, the key difference being that bespoke clothing is completely original and not base on a pre-existing pattern. However, this distinction has started to blur in recent times due to computer aided design. Bespoke is also analogous to the term haute couture from women’s clothing.

Bespoke Suit
Bespoke suits often have superior craftsmanship

Because of the cost of bespoke clothing, it is usually out of the price range of most guys. A similar effect can be achieved more affordably by buying off-the-rack clothes and having it made to measure by a tailor. However, for those who can afford it, it’s hard to beat the quality of fit of bespoke clothing items.

Bespoke Tailor
A tailor working on a bespoke jacket

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