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  • Below Average Frustrated Chump (BAFC)

    By on November 20, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A man who is below average in terms of picking up women—worse than an Average Frustrated Chump.

    Full Definition:

    Whereas the majority of the population falls into the AFC category, BAFCs are a level below the AFC. BAFCs can be socially incompetent and uncalibrated, such as computer engineers and lifelong office workers. Despite this, they have some basic social skills and usually some guy friends, which puts them a level above WBAFCs.

    Roughly speaking, the following percentages apply:

    Top 10% – Players, PUAs – lots of sex

    Medium 60% – AFCs of all levels – some sex if lucky

    Low 20% – BAFCs – no sex

    10% – WBAFCs – no prospect of sex


    I used to be a BAFC before I got into the game– now I’m an rAFC.

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