Belief System

AKA “PUA Belief System” or “Life view of women”

Quick Definition: A person’s accepted reality, especially his/her overall view of the opposite sex and their conditioned responces to them.

Full Definition:

For the most part, unless a man is gay, a monk, or alone on the island, a large part of his life is focused on his relationships with women. As such, we all have beliefs that are constructed based on our reference points and experience with the opposite sex.

A PUA’s Belief System is the foundation of his game. Often, this is the most important part of his overall game. With a strong Belief System, game can be won with no routines. This is because the routines and actions alone cannot convey true congruence. There are many naturals who have had sexual experiences at an early age and have developed a strong sense of what is possible and how to connect with women on a sexual level.

In bootcamps, oftentimes the break in the clouds comes when a student’s Belief System is shattered by witnessing in-field results derived from his own or the instructor’s efforts. It is at this point that the instructor can instill a new Belief System of abundance in the student’s mind.

We live in a time where sex is much more accepted than 50 years ago. As Hugh Hefner details in the Playboy Philosophy, sex should be full of fun and beauty, not labeled as sinful or guilty. Hefner argues, if we are created in God’s image, isn’t the body the most beautiful portrayal of this? Regardless whether you agree or not, our Belief Systems toward women and sex are connected to society’s general beliefs as well. It is important to always be aware of this, and the differences are crystallized as an artist travels to practice pickup from country to country.


Your belief system is the foundation of your success or lack thereof with women.

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