Being Present

Quick Definition: The process of fully experiencing the current moment in all of its capacity.

Full Definition:

In our individualistic (US) and capitalistic society, we often rush through life trying to get things done, become the next boss, or get to the top. On our journey, we often lose sight of the very great experiences that happen to us every day—the savory flavor of the food on our table, a smile from a cute girl crossing the street, the stillness of the moment when an idea arises.

In pickup, guys often rush through routines or try to get the next bit out without genuinely listening to the girl. By rushing, these men miss looking into her eyes and being genuinely interested in her (without sexual intent); they miss Being Present in the moment.

For example, many men don’t take pleasure out of a simple kiss. When kissing a woman, they start thinking of having sex with a girl. They don’t take the time to appreciate the moment because they are thinking ahead. (This is also a demonstration of lower value on his part, because a high value man will not have sex with just any girl who is interested in him. He has many choices.)

Meditation also applies to other areas of life, but most notably in pickup in sex. The true feeling of being in the moment and experiencing every sensual feeling during sex is not often practiced by many men. Women and men from countries such as Italy and Brazil are more sensual and in touch with their sexuality because they are present in the moment.

Next time you do a cold approach, try being present in the moment.

meditation by goro

Although a bit spiritual, Christine does a good job helping one focus on the moment in this video:


Being present allows you to enjoy your food more!

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