Behavior Patterns

Quick Definition: A characteristic way in which an individual or group repeatedly acts in a given situation.

Full Definition:

We humans are creatures of habit. Once we do something that brings us toward a desired outcome or do something that distances us from an undesirable outcome, we tend to repeat that behavior over and over again. And this is how our behavioral patterns take root. For example, a person could overeat because it brings them towards a desired outcome of happiness or contentment. And could likewise fall into a pattern of laziness because it distances them from the undesirable outcome of stress and fatigue.

composite work behavior patterns

As a pickup artist, it is important to be able to recognize and change behavioral patterns that harm your growth and improvement. Say for instance, if you’re avoiding going out in field to approach women and practice your game because you feel it is distancing you from the undesirable outcome of rejection, the first step to tackling the problem is recognizing that it exists. Next you need to compare both the positive and negative outcomes of such a behavioral pattern and decide which is more crucial towards your overall happiness. For instance, a pickup artist that doesn’t go out into the field and approach women to avoid rejection needs remind himself that he is also effectively condemning himself to a life of loneliness, which can hurt far worse in the long run than humiliation or rejection.

Once you’ve eliminated your bad behavioral patterns, it is also important to actively cultivate ones that are beneficial. You can do this by studying your pickup role models and their behavioral patterns that make them attractive to women. And you can then work on internalizing these in your life. This is in no way an easy process, and it is easy to regress to your old, undesirable behaviors if you do not consciously keep track of yourself. But the time and effort that you put into cultivating new, desirable behaviors will be well spent.

Juggler from Charisma Arts on the behaviors of sexy people. 

Usage: His behavioral patterns were that of a highly successful businessman.

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