Beginner’s Hell

Quick Definition: The first 6 months of getting into the game and the difficulty of the learning curve that affects most guys.

Full Definition:

For guys who are less socially calibrated (former geeks, nerds, loners), the beginning 6 months is literally a Beginner’s Hell. They must become more socially calibrated in interacting with people in general, as well as trying to pickup girls. A lot of rejection is waiting for them. They have to make fundamental changes to their voice tonality, body language, and overall posture. We call this the 6 months Beginner’s Hell because, for these guys, it usually takes the 6 months to get from opening to getting laid.

More natural guys (i.e successful businessmen who can’t talk to women) typically have more progression and a smaller chance of giving up within the first 6 months. However, it is still relatively difficult. Usually, reframing helps during this period. Treat it as a learning experience. Every encounter helps you in some way. Every failure has a seed of equivalent success.

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