“Before I know someone…” Routine

Credit: Beckstar

This is a very high value, value-eliciting routine that Beckstar invented in the UK. It is great for building comfort and getting to know someone in an intimate way.

Beckstar demos this routine in the Rules of Seduction on UK Channel 4:

This is one of my favorite routines, combining qualification, DHV and humor into one packaged performance:

It’s really funny, because before I get to know someone deep inside; I’ve got, like, these 3 criteria (high inflexion)?

I don’t like girls that wear too much makeup.  [Pause]

Do you now? There’s a little test!  If you put a little kiss here (hand) and it leaves a lipstick mark, then you’re obvious wearing too much. Smile.

Ok. Did it leave a mark?

No. Then you’re not wearing that much then. High five for that! (IOI for compliance)

I LOVE girls with great smelling hair.

[Smell her hair]. It’s alright.

And it’s really important… that girls have… good taste in shoes.

She says …

Because good shoes indicate good taste in underwear.

She says, do they now?

Well… what do you reckon?


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