Bedroom Eyes (Seducer Eyes)

Quick Definition: A certain seductive look in a man’s or woman’s eyes that subcommunicates a desire for seduction and sex.

Full Definition:

Movie stars and models are very good at giving the Seducer Eyes look to the camera.

This look is very effective if the woman is already attracted to you and has a high buying temperature. But Seducer Eyes can be creepy or unwarranted if initiated at the beginning of a cold approach—although very good looking PUAs can get away with it occasionally. Seducer Eyes work because a good seducer’s stare can arouse our primal emotions. When push comes to shove, strong emotions always overrides strong logic, especially in women.

Teddy John Bedroom Eyes
Teddy John Bedroom Eyes


You have great seducer’s eyes kid, don’t make me fall for you by looking at me like that.

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