Real Name: Robert Beck
Age: 34
Affiliation: Beckster Seduction
Youtube Channel:

Beckster has been in the pick up game for over 15 years and along the way has become somewhat of a celebrity. Getting his start in the UK, Beckster saw a failing PUA industry that was not only misleading those who turned to it for help, but at the end of the day those students were just as lonely as they were when they started but now with less money.

Beckster was in tune with the troubles that some guys might have in the club or in the field. To his own account, he grew up shy and was often made fun of for his pale skin and red hair. He eventually found his own self confidence and turned that pain into gain.

Beckster and a small group of specialists from the UK aimed to reverse the negative publicity present in the PUA community and aimed to deliver results to it’s practitioners. The result was the formation of Beckster Seduction, a close-knit community of PUA’s who are dedicated to the success of those who seek guidance, as well as themselves.

Beckster and his Beckster Seduction techniques have formed close bonds with a relative who’s who in the PUA community. Confidantes include Mystery from “The Pick-Up Artist”, Neil Strauss author of “The Game”, and Ross Jeffries who invented Speed Seduction.

The Beckster seduction method includes tearing down the walls that have been set up by rejection, failed relationships, and other mishaps along the way. When a student finds their inner confidence and restores their self-esteem anything is possible, especially in the PUA Field.

Beckster offers a 22-hour weekend conference that can be taught in a group setting of 4-8 people as well as an intense 75 hour residential training where the PUA’s reteach an individual how to live their daily lives.


“Follow the 5 C’s -Confidence, Courage, Congruency, Conviction, Calibration”

“Remember to use the Boyfriend Destroyer. Say how nice he is all the time, put a seed of doubt in her head about what he’s up to that night. It’s cruel but it’s been known to work.”

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