Batting Average Ratio

Quick Definition: A mental score of successes and failures when interacting with women.

Full Definition:

A batting average ratio in pickup is your ratio of success to attempts when interacting with women. A pickup artist with a batting average ratio mentality is forever keeping score of his successes with women. He views every single interaction and attempt at picking up a woman as an outcome oriented task tagged with either success or failure.

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While it is important to be aware of your abilities as a pickup artist and continually strive to improve the social skills that you are not entirely proficient in, by having a batting average ratio, you tend to become a mechanical pickup artist. When you start to view every interaction that you have with women as either a success or failure, you tend to take out the joy of the actual process. And you end up burned out and depressed. Pickup isn’t supposed to be depressing or draining. Sure it can be tough and challenging at times, but if you’re not having fun with the process, you’re doing it wrong.

A few tips on avoiding a batting average ratio mentality:

  • Be outcome independent. Have you ever noticed a time when you genuinely didn’t care about the outcome of an interaction with a beautiful woman, how she seemed to respond to you much more positively? Women can smell hidden intentions a mile away, and by being outcome independent you avoid making her feel put on the spot, allowing her to respond to you in the most natural of ways possible.
  • Enjoy the process. There is no right or wrong way that an interaction with a woman should go. By completely giving yourself over to the interaction without analyzing it with a batting average mentality, you will be able to enjoy the interaction much more. And when you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, she will too.
  • Aim for success, but seek experiences. Always remember that the world is much larger than you. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve practiced your game or how much material you’ve digested, that doesn’t obligate a woman to like you. By stepping out of a batting average mentality, you will be better positioned to find out that the girl who blew you off saying she was busy, was actually stressed out trying to fill her sister’s parole application and would appreciate some genuine help.


His batting average ratio mentality made it impossible for him to enjoy his interactions with women. 

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