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    A baseball shirt is a shirt that is typically identified by having three quarters sleeves, a team insignia, and a flat waist seam.  The baseball shirt is an iconic staple of Americana.  Originally a part of the full baseball jersey for as long as the sport has been around, i.e. mid 1800s.  Baseball shirts started off as rather drab uniforms that resembled fire department uniforms.  Then, the style changed to somewhat resemble long-sleeved t-shirts but with lace up fronts.  Once that style lasted for about twenty or so years, button up jerseys became the norm.  Interestingly, while even that style was phased out in terms of actual uniforms, it has remained a staple for fashion baseball shirts.  Though, it should be noted that baseball shirts without buttons are primarily the most popular type of baseball shirts worn by men and women alike now.  While polo and rugby shirts can be dressed up, baseball shirts are inherently casual, which is fitting because it is a reflection of the casual, but fun and iconic American sport of baseball.

    baseball shirt guy

    Baseball shirts don’t allow people to exude pretense.  They speak to fun, relaxed times, and American style.   Baseball shirts come in various colors, patterns, fabrics and styles these days.  Baseball shirts are also affordable garments that can virtually be purchased by anyone from any socioeconomic background, something that can’t necessarily be said for polo shirts, for instance.  Baseball shirts are worn by everyday people and by celebrities.  Celebrities who have most recently made the old fashioned shirt more fashionable and popular include actor Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries fame. Wesley, like his on-screen character, Stefan, typically pairs baseball t-shirts with a leather jacket, jeans, and Converse sneakers or sometimes even biker boots.  This creates a chic, but relaxed athletic meets bad boy look that many women find appealing.  It’s a look that is put together without being stiff.

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    Jessica Biel lookalike in baseball shirt


    Baseball shirts have also increasingly been worn as a business casual statement when paired with blazers for business casual occasions such as dress-down Fridays.  While it is very difficult, if not impossible to considerably dress up the baseball shirt, it can be elevated for the purpose of a business or smart casual look with the right accessories.

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