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    Quick Definition: A manner of communication that is witty and fun, often involving playful teasing.

    Full Definition:

    Banter is a type of communication that is often silly and meaningless. Its sole purpose is to create a fun experience with someone else. Banter creates a playful state so that the conversations do not turn into a boring interview. Banter often involves role playing, role reversal, prizing, and an overall little boy vs. little girl attitude towards the artist’s interaction with a woman.

    An example of a bantering in an interaction:

    An example of a bantering in an interaction:

    PUA: “The fact that your eyes blink every time you turn is my 2nd favorite thing about you”

    HB: “Shut up! What’s the first thing!?!

    PUA: “Calm down missy! If I told you, you might stop doing it, and it’s too cute. I’m not telling”

    HB: “No! You’re mean! I am so not letting you off the hook until you tell me!”


    Banter can also be non-verbal, such as an obviously staged bump or play-fighting where the PUA and HB gently hit each other in a playful way. Banter styles change depending on the PUA’s avatar and seduction style.

    In addition to being used on a target, banter can also be used with men as well, to create a fun interaction. Close friends often banter with each other, and bantering with wings can be a great way to get into state. In general, it is a good idea to banter and have fun with everyone in a venue, to raise a PUA’s social value and to have a good time.

    Example of good bantering with Russell Brand:

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