Ball Busting

Quick Definition: Usually a reference to a female giving a guy a hard time, usually in jest, although sometimes in a mean-spirited way.

Full Definition:

Similar to the shit test, ball busting refers to girls making fun of guys, sometimes for no apparent reason. Unlike the shit test, it is not a conditioned response to see if the guy is man enough. Ball busting can occur between friends who take playful jabs at each other. It is important to recognize ball busting behavior, and also to be able to “hang” with friends and make fun of each other.

There are boundaries to ball busting – certain things about a guy or girl friend may make them insecure. Or, perhaps the reason for the jesting is sometimes malicious. When ball busting starts creating feelings of intense negativity in the other person, be sure to recognize it, and snipe it short (no pun intended).


Be aware and be chill enough to ball bust on your friends, but always be aware of someone abuses this light-hearted fun to take advantage of you.


She has been ball busting me all night!

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