Badboy: "I Represent Direct Game"

Last week I had the honor of meeting Badboy in person at Project SF. He was quite an amazing guy, both in physical presence and in game philosophy. Below are the notes I took as part of the meeting.

As a shoutout, here is his official website:

Badboy Quotes / Introduction
Direct game works better here [in the US]
I represent direct game
The deeper I go, the more simple it becomes
You’re not picking her up, you are seducing her
Emotions are contagious
The girl is a mirror image of yourself. She will reflect your beliefs, thoughts and how those things are projected by your presence. In a way, you are “picking up” yourself.
Women don’t want to be the one choosing, they want to be the chosen. You are choosing her
Most 9’s and 10’s are very insecure.
I have more success talking to with American girls!
I love other guys. They drive the girl to the club, pay for her drinks and bring her back! I don’t have to do anything. The other guys are my best friends.

• How do you feel? How does she feel? Pay attention to how she feels
• Don’t negotiate with logic or argue your way into sleeping with her. Logic does not work with women. Of the Fortune 500 companies, only 4-5 CEOs are women. It is not in their nature to be logical.
• Don’t change the way she thinks. Change the way she feels. When talking to a woman always notice how she feels during the interaction.
There are 5 emotions you must make her feel (Note: same as BadBoy’s DVDs)
1. Relaxed
2. Attraction
3. Trust
4. Physical Comfort
5. Connection

On being rich and on social status
Club  Swords  Guns  Money

Being “rich” isn’t necessarily what you think. She’s not being a gold digger. It makes her feel the following emotions: comfort, security, protection, power, dominance, stability. The things that evoke these emotions have changed over time.

On buying drinks
Don’t buy drink as a way to impress or attract her. Do it for building trust and comfort after she is attracted to you. Having a drink has become a social ritual of friendship. Calibrate on drink buying. How many times have you thought, “if I only bought that girl a drink I would have got laid!?”

How to create Trust
• Changing location
• Leading (activity, motion)
• Give her something you own, or wear something of hers (glasses, hat, etc)
• Sit down (high heels are painful)- you are helping her with her pain
• Time = trust
• Give something to the girl’s friend, and take the girl (show physical leading technique) and tell her you will come back.

Physical Comfort /Kino Escalation
• High five
• Palm reading
• Smile, relax, “love to be touched” vibe
• Movement of kino goes from hand, to shoulders, to the head/hair, to the mouth, breast, and then back down finally to the vaginal region.

On Dominance
Dominance = achieving things without using force, but influence
Aggression = force. You will face resistance if you use force
[Badboy demos locking hand leading and sitting the girls down by lightly pressing her hip area]
If you get resistance, you are either a) too weak (no motivation or energy) b) too forceful, too much pressure and will raise resistance and trigger “danger” in her mind.

The club is a fake and dramatic environment. Pick one girl and think, “I am going to make her happy for 1 night.” Think about her, not about your wanting to fuck her
The best cologne is the pheromone the female body releases
[AW: was he joking?]
All your life, girls have developed ways to filter out the real men. Be the man. I don’t believe in rejection.
“In love and war, remember there are no rules”

On day 2s
Tell the girl she can pick the time, you pick the location. Location gives you more control
Be unpredictable. If you become predictable, it is game over.
Day 2 venues
Go cart
Telescope and blanket (park)
Running / sports

Party vs. Emotional Girls
Party girls: confident, sexy, and flirty
Attraction keys: leading. Don’t talk to her, show her with physical lead. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll”, if you are good sex, they will come back for more.
Emotional girls: long term, value building, security and protection
Attraction keys: build value, connection. Have the “we are soul mates” vibe.

Whisper “You’re so fucking sexy” and then walk away (she will think about you for the rest of the night. Wait 10-15 minutes, “now we can talk”
Badboy tells us story about the HB10 with 7 guys, how he turned her around and then shook his head and walked away. She was hooked.
“Stop” like a police sign
Both hands on shoulders turn her around and keep smiling
Hand leading (very dominant)
Hand her your card / number “you’re a smart girl. You know what to do”

Social Circle Game
• You still have to have club game in order to build and maintain a social circle. The club scene is the most difficult environment that will test your social intuition skills. Keep this in mind as I tell you about social game
• 5 really hot girlfriends. Keep your dick in your pants and try not to fuck them. Each will have a circle of about 10 girlfriends
• If you take a friend, be sure to replace her
• “Bait” to catch the bigger fish / use as pivots
• House party – invite 10 girls, 3-4 guys. 3-4 parties later, make them feel comfortable so they will get drunk and sleep over. Then harvest.
• Give the girl a mission, “you bring the salad, you get the drinks” to reduce party flake rate
• Relax, no community guys, no hitting on girls at party

“Being a mPUA is great. For me, it is the chase that gets off. The sex is great too, but I love the chase!”
“My purpose if life is to give women the men they want”

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