Bad Boy

Quick Definition: A pop culture icon, the Bad Boy refers to an archetype of a dominant male that women find naturally attractive.

Full Definition:

In pickup culture, the Bad Boy is a specific archetype that a PUA can embody or impersonate based on a pickup situation (not to be confused with Badboy, the pickup instructor from Croatia).

The Bad Boy persona is attractive to women because of the characteristics and emotions a Bad Boy can provide: danger, adventure, a willingness to break the rules, unpredictability, and a non-conformist attitude. The Bad Boy is associated with negative emotions such as self destruction, running into trouble, and an inability to withhold emotions in situation that requires more maturity. These may result in a woman breaking up with, or never marrying, the Bad Boy.

Tommy Lee and Criss Angel
Tommy Lee and Criss Angel

It is important to understand the underlying characteristics of the Bad Boy. Doing so can explain why these are attraction triggers for women so that a PUA can evolve to embody both the good characteristics of the Bad Boy while nullifying the negative effects. Generally speaking, a PUA’s journey involves developing an inner confidence and a willingness to stick up for his own values and his friends. This attitude of being true to yourself is attractive to women (and people in general). People are bored of predictable individuals. The Bad Boy is unpredictable and often acts out based on his emotional state. Women relate to this.

Given his rebellious attitude, the Bad Boy also faces many confrontations in life. While this can be detrimental in the extreme, the Bad Boy learns to remain cool and handle tough situations purely based on his experience with confrontational situations. If one can survive even when carrying around such a behavior or large peacock features, then it is further evidence that an organism is well adapted to his environment. As such, the Bad Boy is a rock in life’s stormy weather, a refuge for the seductress and playette. (For example, a man who grew up in a tough neighborhood learned to socially calibrate when to confront situations, and learned to bluff or be willing to backup his challenges as the alpha male.)


You can tell that Katrina took a liking to bad boys, and you have to embody at least some part of that persona in order to close her. There is a reason they call her “Hurricane Katrina.”

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