• Automatic links to PUA definitions from your blog or website

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Do you have a PUA blog? Ever wonder if you can skip the long explanations for PUA terminology with a hyperlink so that the newbies can find out for themselves what “IOI” means if they are unsure?We have some good news for you. We’re making automatic linking to all PUA lingo definitions available to any WordPress blog users. Here are the instructions I use to auto link all PUA definitions from my blog GodofStyle.com to PUA Lingo:

    1. Install SEO Smart Links for WordPress. You can do this using the plugin page within wordpress by searching for it in the plug-ins tab.

    2. You can also download it directly from the author here

    3. Download our custom code text file here (Last updated 9/24/2009)

    4. After a clean install, simply click on “settings”, “SEO Smart Links”, and copy and paste the txt file into the custom keywords box.

    5. Click on Update Options.

    And you’re done! All of your PUA terms in your website or blog will automatically link to the correct definitions in PUA Lingo!

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