Auto Correcting / Auto Correct

AKA “self-correcting”

Quick Definition: When an intermediate PUA, or a new PUA who has internalized some of his reading material, can deduce what went wrong with his sets without someone else pointing it out to him.

Full Definition:

Intermediate PUAs are often self-correcting. They have enough field experience and theoretical knowledge to deduce most of what went wrong in a set. As such, it becomes a matter of getting more and more field experience and approaching additional sets to learn from.

Sometimes, a challenge point can be quite high. This blocks the PUA from self-correcting because he is unaware of the error or underlying social dynamics that are happening. For example, a PUA may be breaking his head to work on his phone and text game, not realizing that the break in his game is really from his initial attraction and time bridging techniques. In these cases, a healthy dose of advice from mPUAs on the forums, a coach, combined with ongoing field experience (regular nights out) will help the PUA break past his challenge points.

As a general rule, whenever a PUA can Auto-Correct himself, he gains more experience and internalizes the errors he notices, as opposed to when someone else points the mistakes out for him.


I am able to go out these days and auto-correct myself the next night based on the insights I got from tonight.

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