Quick Definition: Originally derived from philosophy and psychology, Authenticity refers to the degree by which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, and essence, despite external pressures to act otherwise.

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Authenticity is key to all schools of thought and inner game. Essentially, a PUA can break all the “rules” and, if he is genuinely authentic to an alpha self, still get the girl. Authenticity comes from an ability to know oneself and to have roots in one’s core values. This takes time, experience, and a general willingness to let go of situational confidence situations, focusing instead on building a core confidence base from one’s characteristics.

The authentic boys from Superbad
The authentic boys from Superbad

In situations where a man is Authentic, but authentically displaying an un-cool self, he may attract some women. Take for example Weezer or the guys from Super Bad. Authenticity draws people in based on honesty and sincerity. There are times when a younger PUA must go through the trials and tribulations of trying new things. During this phase, he may be inauthentic to some degree until the congruency of the new alpha characteristics become internalized into his unconscious competence motor response.


Jim is really authentic in his PU style.

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