• Audio Interiew Series: DJ Fuji (Tao of Fuji)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    I was lucky enough to get in touch with DJ Fuji of Tao of Fuji. Fuji is a former Mehow instructor and currently keeps a blog at Tao of Fuji. We discussed so many things in the session, and I am very excited to bring this interview to you guys. Fuji and I talked about:

    • DJ Fuji’s journey into the seduction community
    • Discipline and the time it takes to develop game
    • What routines really mean: the principal behind the routines need to be understood otherwise routines by themselves are useless
    • How does being good looking affect game? (This was my favorite part)
    • How does being rich affect game?
    • How does being Asian in the US affect game?
    • How does plastic surgery fit into game?
    • What is long term coaching and how does it work?
    • What sets Tao of Fuji apart from other pickup companies?
    • The coolest thing for me, was his breakdown of how society has the 80-20 rule for pickup and how society does not want us to date out of our league
    • I also enjoyed greatly Fuji’s perspective on whether the seduction community will always remain underground, or will eventually go mainstream

    This is a great interview that’s loaded with value. To listen to DJ Fuji’s thought process and listen to our full audio interview, visit the SeductionList.

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