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    Quick Definition: The level of initial interest a target has in you, or the process of arousing sexual interest in the opposite sex. Usually considered the first step in the pickup process.

    Full Definition:

    Attraction is a much debated subject in the PUA community. There are volumes of articles on the nature of Attraction and how to generate it. In the loosest sense of the word, Attraction can mean simply arousing some sort of interest in a woman to continue an interaction with the PUA. This often means being different from the competition or demonstrating some sort of higher S&R value.

    Attraction is used as a gauge of how interested a woman is in an artist. Sometimes Attraction can be instantaneous: a woman sees the man and is instantly attracted because of his look or style. More commonly, Attraction is something which must be built gradually through the use of techniques such as push-pull, DHVs, and banter. The effect of these techniques is what girls call a “spark” or “chemistry.”

    Generally, there are four defining points on the spectrum of Attraction:

    1. Passive and Long-Term Attraction, which is based mostly on long term or inherent values and cannot be easily changed. (Or rather, improving these will take time.) Consider these “base stats” of a RPG game character:

    • Physical beauty (genetics: symmetry, face, body, height)
    • Wealth and influence of financial resources towards social life
    • Social proof dynamics and social circle foundation/connections
    • Personal reputation from fame, family lineage, or other “social networks”

    2. Middle of the Spectrum Attraction, which is based mostly on things you can convey without opening a target:

    • Pre-selection by other women
    • Body language and movement
    • Eye Contact
    • Voice volume and tonality
    • Avatar / Style

    3. Immediate-Based Attraction, which is based on DHVs an artist can achieve while in set:

    • Sense of humor and wittiness (Cocky and Funny)
    • Energy Level
    • Frame Control
    • Routines or conversations that pump buying temperature
    • Kino Escalation
    • Qualification / Neg / DQ / Pebbles

    4. Non BT-based Short Term Attraction (AKA “Comfort-Attraction”), which is based on DHVs an artist can convey in a set that are unique to him and cannot easily be transferred to another man:

    • Stories embedded with the themes of: pre-selection, leader of men, a vision larger than oneself, protector of loved ones,      willingness to emote, general passion for life
    • Genuineness / Authenticity / Vulnerability based on personality
    • Many others from different schools of thought: all short term attraction switches can relate back to one theme—the subcommunication of a man’s higher value via social pings and pongs

    AFCs think Attraction (+ alcohol) = Sex, and thus fail miserably. Attraction is not the end game; it is only the beginning. Sex usually requires a higher level of comfort and commitment from most women. Translating Attraction into Comfort and Seduction efficiently is the test for a true PUA.

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