Attraction Triggers

Quick Definition: Specific characteristics of men (or women) that, when properly conveyed, will automatically trigger a feeling of attraction in women (or men).

Full Definition:

Attraction Triggers have been studied by every guru and pickup school in their quest to understand the origins of what we humans refer to as “attraction.”

“Female attraction” is associated by most schools of thought to originate from “value.” That is, the display of social value of a man within our society.

Attraction Triggers, as defined in MM, are the hard-wired responses in a girl’s brain from millions of years of sexual selection and evolution. These responses tell her to be attracted to a man of high S&R value. Different women may feel varying degrees of attraction; some may even have very unique things they like about a man. However, the following Attraction Triggers are consistently proven in field:

On an external level:

On a thematic and characteristic level:

  1. Pre-selection – either having real women around you at all times or conveying that you have women in your life via stories
  2. Leader of men – the ability to lead other men and groups to achieve a goal
  3. Protector of loved ones – the ability to protect those you care for, which is also related to how you control and attain power
  4. Ability and willingness to emote – to feel the right emotions of protection correctly given tough situations
  5. Having a purpose greater than oneself – being passionate about a cause or entity that is great than the individual

The process of becoming a PUA, according to the MM school of thought, is to learn how to develop and embody these attractive characteristics.

In other schools of thought:

  • Most causes of attraction from other schools all have origins in evolutionary biology.
  • Not included in the MM list are many other triggers for creating attraction in women.
  • These can include things like having a grounded personality, having options in life, being outcome independent, living in freedom, or, as Zan would say, “the way we MOVE through life.”
  • Variances in attraction occur, depending on calibration to the exact girl (i.e. not all girls will find every Attraction      Trigger equally appealing).
  • Most importantly, closing a woman requires more than attraction. A minimum level of comfort and trust needs to be established (connection triggers) before a full close can happen with most women.

Attraction Triggers for men are centered on the woman’s looks—most notably youth and beauty. However, for high value men, the abundance of physically attractive women prompts him to look for other things such as personality, promiscuity, ambition, and tendency to nurture, among other things that women need to develop (in addition to their physical beauty).

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