Attraction Routines

Quick Definition: A routine that is built specifically to generate attraction.

Full Definition:

Attraction routines have a very important section in the original Mystery Method. In A1, opening, the player must get the girl’s attention in a non-threatening or creepy way. In A-2, the man must generate female to male attraction. This is usually where attraction routines begin.

Attraction routines can help a newbie understand that it feels like when a girl signals interest or IOIs at him. They are specifically designed to generate some type of DHV, or make the PUA seem more intelligent or more attractive in terms of social value. With more and more practice, attraction routines can be based directly on a PUA’s own story or life experience. A pre-scripted routine can help the PUA learn how to generate that natural social value from the material itself, with proper practice and guidance.

My two examples of attraction routines:

As with all routines, an over-reliance on them can make the newbie hooked on just generating attraction non-stop. At some point, he needs to stop and realize that he needs to build comfort. Attraction can also be auto-generated via style and the way the artist communicates. Stories and routines are simply crutches and training wheels for newbies.

beckstar pua attraction routine
Beckstar demonstrating an attraction routine. Notice the body language of the girls relative to him. They are all engaged and each girls attention heightens the other one’s


Do you have any DHV or attraction routines?

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