Attraction Fashion

Attraction Fashion is a term that relates to how to dress up to best appeal to the opposite sex. Women have had this art down to an exact science for centuries.

One could argue that all fashion is designed with sexual attraction in mind. Although, fashion itself also displays visual innovation, art, and class segmentation. It is also used to symbolize a tribe, or to add variation to visually appeal to different goals. Be it wealth, comedy, or other forms of visual allure. Let’s look at the 3 related terms:

Fashion: loosely defined, is a general term for a currently popular style; it references anything that is the current trend in look and dress of a particular person.

Style: ” There are many definitions of style, and a simple way to look at it is “the expression of self via clothing and outer appearance”.

Attraction: (Interpersonal Attraction) A force that draws others towards you. It is driven by conscious and subconscious cues for social value.

The term “attraction fashion” is used throughout the site to refer to the segment of dressing up for guys that is uniquely designed to create sexual attraction with women.

how to look attractive guys

Attraction Fashion refers to a subset of fashion that deals specifically with attracting the opposite sex. Fashion is often used as class dividers, as well as social hierarchy boundaries and group identities.Attraction Fashion is therefore the art of looking at fashion with the intent of maximizing a person’s style in attracting the opposite sex.

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