• Attraction Circuitry Projection

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    Quick Definition: The concept of assuming that the opposite sex is attracted to the same thing as the artist is.

    Full Definition:

    For men, Attraction Circuitry Projection will assume that women value youth, beauty, physique, etc. because he himself is attracted to youth and beauty. A woman’s Attraction Circuitry Projection will assume that men value personality and charisma because she herself is attracted to personality and charisma. There is some truth to this: women do care about looks, and men do care about personality. However, the extent to which it matters is skewed.

    For example, a man who is 90% influenced by a woman’s beauty may think women are also 90% influenced by a man’s appearance. In reality, a woman may only be 30-50% influenced by a man’s appearance. This influence induces the feeling of “being attracted” to someone, and therefore understanding what triggers these cues is all the more important.

    In reality, men’s and women’s Attraction Circuits are very different. Generally speaking, women are influenced by looks but attracted to charm, wit, charisma, personality and lifestyle. In general, most men are attracted to a woman’s beauty, physical appearance, style, and the general way she carries herself. Both sexes are attracted to the way these primary attraction triggers illustrate how he or she “moves through life.”

    Who lies more? Note how women tend to enhance their looks much more than men in this Chris Rock skit. To some degree this is influenced by what triggers sexual attraction the most in men:


    You’re falling into the fallacy of attraction circuitry projection when you think she’s won’t like you because of your looks.

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    driftwood December 16, 2009 - 9:36 am

    I very much agree with the general points of this post. However, I would say that you’re not quite right on what woman’s attraction circuitry projects. I would say women project onto men the ideas that they care a lot about status and confidence/aggressiveness.

    I think some of what we call “bitch shield” is actually women acting aloof in order to pretend like they are of high social status. Also, I’ve had cougars who approached me with a lot of fake bravado. I think they think that us men like confidence and aggressiveness like they do but in fact, that aggressiveness just came off as obnoxious and socially miscalibrated from my point of view.


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