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  • Assume Familiarity

    By on April 22, 2014

    Quick Definition: Assuming that you knew the person for a long time and treating them like a good friend.

    Full Definition:

    One of the great ways to make friends is to assume familiarity. Even if the other person does not respond, you can go in another direction. Most of the time, it allows you to make friends quickly, and have social fluidity in any situation. Dale Carnegie takes this concept further by saying, never argue directly with people, and always ask them to talk about themselves. People tend to like to focus on what they are working on, instead of being interested in other people first.


    Always assume a great friendship. Even if not does not emerge, you have lost nothing

    Usage: Assume familiarity with all the girls you meet.

    Related Terms: Emotional Connection, Intimacy, Eye Contact, Body Language, Subcommunication

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