Ask JDog


Quick Definition:
JDog, AKA Justin from VH1’s The Pickup Artist Season 1 now hosts his own coaching programs at

Full Definition:

Before the airing of VH1’s The Pickup Artist, Mystery once had a verbal agreement with Justin that if he were ever doing a TV-based bootcamp, he would invite him. When the time came to shoot The Pickup Artist, Matador and JDog were both invited to be on the show with Mystery. JDog’s strengths are in coffee shop game and daygame.

From JDog’s own site:

“Born and raised in northern England Justin “JDOG” Marks may sometimes dress a little outrageously, however, he used to be your stereotypical engineer, and had no success with women whatsoever. He is the type of individual who focuses on what he wants in life and then sets out to make it happen.

Upon graduating university with a Master’s degree in engineering in 1995 JDog was recruited into a US telecom startup company. Seizing the opportunity he pushed through his fears and travelled out to New York, missing his graduation ceremony in the process. He went on to prove himself in the business world by founding a successful, multi-million dollar engineering company. Unfortunately, his business and financial successes never brought him much luck with women….” Read more at

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