Asian Rockstar

Asian rockstars have developed mainly in the major Asian countries. They have yet to gain notoriety in the US but have huge fan following’s across Asian countries.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Nice hairstyles, well dressed, plays at least one instrument, uses accessories very well, accentuates strong Asian masculine traits, slightly more feminized
Common Clothing Items: Uniquely designed Japanese necklaces, Asian styled jewelry pieces, unique Asian clothing or other historical pieces that combine Easter and Wester styles
Favorite Brands n/a
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Status, Elite-ness, Access to Resources, Preselection, Lifestyle
What Women Think:
  • He’s really good looking
  • He looks masculine but also very feminine all at once
  • I wonder what it’s like to sleep with an Asian guy?
Natural Habitat In Asia, in media outlets. In America, few and far in between at high end clubs and fashion junctions in major cities.
Very rarely, an up and coming mixed Asian models in the fashion industry.

Famous Examples

Ken Hirai
Ken Hirai
Gerald Way
Jay Chou
Gerald Way
Gackt Camui


The Asian rockers are very similar to western rockers in their style, but very different in general personality and character.

They usually have strong moral foundations (unlike Western pop stars) and strong family ties. For example, the celebrity Jay Chou still lives with his mother and features his grandmother in his music videos.

Asian male stars still encounter trouble with the paparazzi, but they are a lot more careful about their privacy a lot more than Western counterparts

They are usually usually very hard working and famous based on talent and not marketing, although this is not always true, it is the case more often than not. On the same point, Asian rockstars are usually extremely talented and became famous based on their own skillset, instead of relying on others who got them there.

They break the conventional Asian stereotypes, especially in the US. However, except for Bruce Lee breaking the martial arts and movie glass ceiling, Asian rockstars have yet to dominate the US market.

Interestingly, Germany is always a top destination for famous Asian stars as a tour destination. Many Japanese rockers like The Gazette have a huge fan base there.

Natural Counterparts

Asian fan Girl
Asian Fan Girls
Emo Girl
German Girls
Female Asian Stars
Female Asian Stars


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