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    Hi guys,
    I came across Ryker when he was putting together Asian Dating Superstars. He interviewed Asian PUAs about getting good with game and getting past a lot of the fallacies and pitfalls Asian guys come across when learning game. I declined the interview at the time because:

    1) I value my anonymity

    2) I didn’t think I was at the master level where I can impart very useful advice to others, although I do consider myself an intermediate PUA.

    In reviewing “Asian Dating Superstars” I was impressed with the clarity that guys like Xavier (TDD), Jeremy Soul (Love Systems), RedPoleQ, DJ Fuji and many other guys. Asian or not, they had similar mindsets and distinct differences to their approach in game. I figured I would do a blog post about this since I personally know many Asian guys who have either left the game or are struggling to get what they want out of game (and life).

    Exclusively on PUA Lingo, we are giving you the FULL interview with Jeremy Soul of Love Systems. This interview covers:

    • What it is like for a Southeastern guy from Sri Lanka and how to think about learning pickup in a larger context.
    • How Asian cultures may differ with western culture about how to approach girls
    • Day game openers and how it is different (not not) for an Asian guy in London and other parts of Europe
    • Dealing with Asian stereotypes such as being short, more feminine, or even having a smaller penis
    • And much more!


    jeremy soul pua

    Jeremy Soul in field:

    You can learn more about the Asian Dating Superstars and the other interviews here.

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    Pulse July 26, 2010 - 9:35 pm

    I’m curious if anyone knows the name of the song at the beginning of the Jeremy Soul infield video. Below is a link to youtube of the actual video.



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