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  • Arbitrary Value

    By on October 15, 2010

    Quick Definition: A value that is used to label or assign something or someone that is subject to the desires and wills of individuals or a group of individuals. Usually, this value is not derived from any substantial scientific support and is highly influenced by individual discretion.

    Full Definition:

    The concept of the Arbitrary Value is important to intermediate PUAs as they start out in game in search of the “hottest girl.” Oftentimes these are highly sexualized club girls, who actually lack many other skills (in general) because of their constant focus on beauty and enhancing their femininity.

    An Arbitrary Value is subject to individual will or judgment. For example, the way “beauty” was viewed a century ago is very different than it is today. Today’s super models may not necessarily have been the most “beautiful” in a society a long time ago. If we let Hollywood’s media influence us and assign these “arbitrary values” to what we consider to be beauty, then at least we should be aware of it.

    Example: Venus may not be considered “extremely beautiful” by today’s standards, yet she represents the goddess of love and one of the most sought after deities in Greek Mythology:


    Don’t subject yourself to the media’s arbitrary value judgement about what is “high class” in Hollywood.

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  • One Comment

    • Sgt. Paul

      Agreed. “Reubenesque” is now considfered “Fat Slob”.
      Something to remember is the skill artists may or may not have had in rendering correct physical proportions in images of the human body. Chubby as beautiful came from a time when having ample food was only for the upper classes, the cool people of the time.

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