• Arash Dibazar and Vince Lynch Interview

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Written by AlphaWolf

    About a year ago, I thought that my game had gotten to a plateau. Raise your hand or nod if you know this feeling. I’ve “maxed out” my skill level at game. Here I am. 26 years old, getting about 1-2 girls to go out with me a month, some through cold approaches and some through social circle game. I would sleep with them early on, and then lose them in a few weeks due to me not wanting to be in a relationship, or the girls leaving me. To me, this was much better than where I was when I first started 3 years ago: alone and frustrated. Yet, life has a way of getting boring, no matter how many girls you are getting. Because if we are not growing, we are dying. So what was the next step? Where was the next goal? I wasn’t able to find these amongst the guys I met on the bay area forums…

    … Meet Arash. I met Arash at his martial arts gym a few months ago. Since then, I’d watched him do pick up and go about his life. His mastery of martial arts helped him quickly learn game at a level that most guys don’t get to.

    arash dibazar

    This was where my game began taking off. Limitations that I saw before dissipated, reinforced with new ideas about what’s possible. For example, I always thought that the hired hosteses of Straights as Santana Row (think Silicon Valley’s version of Melrose Avenue in LA) were un-game-able during working hours. These are the 9s and 10s of the bay. Arash blew that limitation out of the water with classical MM negging and qualification.

    In this brief introduction Vince Lynch and Arash Dibazar, on the topic of the overlay between Hypnosis (NLP) and PUA artistry. Enjoy:

    Vince and Arash Interview

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