• Approach Priming

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Priming and preparing for an approach in order to set it up for the highest chance of success.

    Full Definition:

    Guys get nervous on the approach. As such, the technique of Approach Priming was invented. It was first explored extensively in Gambler’s Stealth Attraction techniques. The idea is centered on priming for “pre-approaching” and setting yourself up for success. Some techniques that warm up the initial approach are:

    • Being seen talking to another hot girl with an unbreakable opener before her and walking away from her first
    • Brushing up against a girl’s back as you move across the room and having girls look at you as you walk around the room
    • Forcing an IOI with a wave or a toast
    • Holding eye contact and forcing her to look away or give an IOI or IOD (in the case of IOD, you know not to approach right now if this is your first set)
    • Setting yourself up in a positive mood
    • Merging groups or getting another girl to introduce you to her


    Approach Priming works if you are really nervous in the beginning

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