Approach Anxiety (AA)

Quick Definition: The fear that arises when doing a cold approach on a woman or group of women (or group of strangers, including men).

Full Definition:

Nearly every man has a fear of making the initial approach. This fear is often attributed to an evolutionary survival mechanism that arose from living in tribal communities of less than 50 people, where approaching the wrong woman could mean genetic suicide.

Nowadays, it can also be based on other factors such as poor past experiences with women, shyness, and a cultural feeling of inappropriateness when approaching strangers. AA is reduced with lots of practice and the knowledge that you have a solid strategy.

The fear never really goes away, according to most mPUAs. Juggler says, “that is a good thing. You have something to live for, to fear and conquer. The day you no longer feel fear during an approach, is the day you need to find something else to do that has enough meaning to cause fear in you.”


I had some serious AA before I opened the set, but I felt a lot better once the set hooked.

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