Quick Definition: Refers to the groups of people who are actively against the PUA community.

Full Definition:

An anti-movement from feminists, or guys who felt cheated from charlatans in the seduction community. PUA-Hate and PUA Watchdog are examples of these groups. Also, a growing number of feminist bloggers post about male PUAs like Roosh. Some speculate that the feminist bloggers are just doing this for publicity and links, although many genuinely dislike PUAs. Jezebel, often post about PUA activity in a negative or controversial light.

There is good and bad feminism. The feminism movement deserves its own blogpost. However in general, positive feminism and embracing of women’s sexual nature is the type of feminism that resonates with the PUA community, while hardcore feminism denying sluts or sex and sexually represses women is considered negative. As Hugh Hefner said, “I didn’t have the words to express it at the time, but women are sexual objects. They’re so much more than that, but that is one dimension of their nature.”

For the guys who felt cheated, there are legitimate guys who were scammed, or those who are disillusioned. PUA Hate is a forum that has degraded into name calling and humiliation.

Each person has to decide for himself or herself on whether the seduction arts have proved fruitful. For me, it has been a tremendous growing experience and I wouldn’t be the man today if I did not og through this journey. I also, however, did not spend thousands on bootcamps but instead learned and applied the knowledge on my own over the years.

anti pua

Usage: Elliot Rodgers was an anti-PUA guy.

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