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  • Anti-Approach Invitation (Anti-AI)

    By on November 17, 2008

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    Quick Definition: When a girl signals an action that discourages your approach (the opposite of AI).

    Full Definition:

    Anti-AI can take several forms. It can occur on a more neutral level when a target attempts to be unapproachable to the pickup artist, such as being surrounded by her friends all night and deliberately walks away or avoids eye contact when near your proximity. (Female models going out to an after show party tend to do this). It can also refer to negative actions that discourage your approach, such as a cold, disgusted, or unemotional look or evasive body language.


    This is an exaggerated instance of an bad reaction. Learn to read subtle reactions from girls


    Here’s Jenna Marbles giving an example of people she doesn’t want to talk to and the accompanying exaggerated expression

    Anti-AI makes for a more challenging approach than opening a set that is clearly interested in you, but this does not mean that a set in unapproachable. Even though a girl may initially be cold to you, it is possible to reverse a bad initial impression by maintaining a strong frame and demonstrating high value. A girl cannot truly reject you until she gets to know you, so in general it is best to continue ploughing until she clearly tells you to go away.


    I am getting a lot of Anti-AI signals. Are the girls unfriendly here or is it this fugly hat I am wearing?

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