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Anthony is a very good friend of mine. When I met him, he was already stylish. As I learned more about him I began to see a pattern: all stylish men were not born that way. They all share the similarity of precisely determining what they wanted out of life, and putting forth focused action and effort towards that goal.

Anthony’s style is very powerful because he doesn’t need to go “all out” and it works by being subtle and clean. I always think of him as the Asian George Clooney.

Anthony’s Before and After Style Picture:


In his own words:

I became actively aware of my style when I started my second year of college. In one of my classes, I met a guy named Brian who was a manager for Urban Outfitters and was really impressed by his outfits. He wore a lot of vintage jeans with stylish plaid shirts that exuded a lot of masculine sexuality. He looked completely comfortable in his clothes too. This was one of the catalysts that compelled me to cultivate better style.

At the time, my wardrobe consisted mostly of khakis and plain oxford shirts that I got from Old Navy. In comparing myself to him, I realized that my image was rather asexual and bland. It had no character, no “look.” It was at this period in my life that I was prompted to reflect on what my style conveyed about my personality. I knew that Brian’s look wouldn’t necessarily work for me so I considered what was most congruent with who I was. Over the course of the next few years I did a lot of experimenting with my look.

I tried to go really edgy at one point – wearing Affliction brand T-shirts, hoodies with lots of embroidery, motorcycle jackets, etc. I think it helped improve my self-image a lot and helped me look less mild. However, I was never completely comfortable with that look because there was always pretentiousness to it.

In the back of my mind, I always knew that I was over-compensating for what I perceived was a lack of masculinity in my appearance. I gradually started to tone it down. I noticed that guys who I thought were really cool were wearing simple things like a good-fitting pair of jeans, a simple graphic t-shirt, and some fresh sneakers.

As long as the pieces were of good quality and were the right fit for their body, they would look great. This is the kind of outfit I wear a lot these days.

I also discovered that finding a good set of suits was really helpful. I began to get a lot of compliments by wearing a well-fitted blazer over jeans or wearing it as part of a complete suit. Ultimately, it’s about wearing quality basics that don’t make it look like you tried to hard. If a guy was trying to improve his style, I would tell him

  1. Avoid wearing clothes that make you look douchy. If you don’t know what that is, ask your sister or any cool girl you know
  2. Before buying any new piece of clothing, ask yourself “would a guy who I thought was cool wear this?”
  3. Never completely trust your own taste in the beginning. Always get a second opinion on how something looks on you.

Anthony After Style Improvement2
From flying planes to fly honeys

Anthony After Style Improvement

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