• Animated Chat

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of conversing with your wing in an overly fun and animated fashion, in order to become the “observed” in a room and to stimulate curiosity.

    Full Definition:

    This is best done facing your wing so both of you have a 180 degree view of the room and cover the whole room between the both of you.

    Animated Chat can be done at any point that you are between sets or before you have opened any. Instead of standing around talking together or looking around (when you would be losing social value), you can perform Animated Chat to increase your presence in the room. In Animated Chat, you display higher levels of energy and fun than the rest of the room. This includes large passionate hand gestures; laughter; loud speaking level; and particular stories. Alternatively, you could be discussing tactics and describing the view behind your wings back, yet appear from a distance to be having an energetic, fun, and intriguing conversation.

    Girls are very good at doing this and sometimes PUAs are afraid to approach a 2 set who are in Animated Chat mode. Sometimes the girl is talking about something serious, but most of the time she is just waiting for the right guy to come along.


    Let’s be animated in a chat so we create and control the vibe instead of depending on the girls.

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    Source: Lyricx

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