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    Quick Definition: ASF stands for “alt.seduction.fast,” which is an Internet Usenet newsgroup. ASF was one of the first online forums for discussing pick-up and seduction techniques.

    Full Definition:

    While the exact origins of ASF are unclear, it is believed that the newsgroup was created for at least the partial purpose of Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction, a commercial product based on using NLP in combination with various verbal seduction techniques. Users could also discuss other general seduction techniques.

    It is believed that this was the first online forum where PUAs around the world could communicate with each other and where many PUGs such as Juggler, Mystery, and Zan first heard of each other and traded philosophies regarding pickup.

    The original forum has since been overrun by spam, but most of the content has been duplicated on a new forum called mASF, hosted by Fastseduction. The old ASF newsgroup is now generally referred to as “uASF” or “unmoderated ASF.”

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